Partner with us

Are you in automobile industry and looking to grow your business? Are you currently limited to your locality and want to expand? Are you looking for more insights about the industry to strengthen your business? Do you provide any of the services that we have listed in our services page? Are you hard working, ethical and customer friendly?

If your answer is “Yes” to any of the above questions you can now leverage our platform to boost your business. Be ready for future with simple to use technology. You can be one of our partners today and help us bring organization to the automobile service industry. We are always looking for reliable and ethical people who can focuses on customer needs and upholds their commitment to the customers.  Our partners and we are working consistently to organize the automobile post sales industry.

Currently the roadside assistance and services industry operates either through insurance companies or through unorganized service provider. The prices and the service quality offered varies. You can partners with Motormechs and have a standardized pricing and service structure that is not only beneficial to the customer but also to you.

Call us at 90354-27000 or 90355-27000 to ask about partnership.